A few words in English…

Obživa is operated by an organisation called Spolek živá obŽIVA (LIVElihood association) which is at the moment accepting new members who want to be part of this collaborative shop. Our values are simple: organic agriculture, food less traveled, less packaging, solidarity, transparency and collaboration – to make it short; care for the Earth and each other.

How to become a member?
Anyone over 18 years old can become a member. You can join either as an individual, as a family, or as an organisation. The association is formed by consumers, farmers, producers and various groups. First, you need to register here (available only in czech). Then you will be asked to contribute with a minimum of 4800Kč to our transparent bank account using your variable symbol you find in the confirmation email. All donations over the minimal amount are welcome. If you’d like to invest to the solidary fund and give a chance to join to a person who cannot afford this initial contribution, you can transfer double amount and put ‘solidary fund’ in the notes.

What happens with the contributions?
If there is enough of contributions until the end of November 2018, the project can move forward and the shop will be set up at Dvůr Kobylisy (Prague 8) for the funds collected. You can see our budget here (only in czech). If there is not enough of funds for starting the shop, all the contributions will be fully returned. There is one more option in case there is not enough of funds, but people who contributed still want to start a shop. It might be in a different form and only after their consensual agreement.

When is the shop going to be ready?
Renovation of the object, setting up the equipment and stocking up will take approximately 3 months. This gives us the opening date for March 2019. Members will be asked to start with transferring the monthly contributions for the operation of the shop during those 3 months, since the operating costs will need to be covered already. Monthly contribution is 350Kč for an individual and 450Kč for a family and enables members to shop without a markup.

What are the benefits for members?
Members become owners of the shop which means that they can directly influence the form of the shop, its range of offer and be part of the other important decisions. The practical reason is an access to the better food and products for better prices. All of this within a community of people you’ll get to know and who share the same values about the way how to grow and get our food.

If you have more question or need help with registering process, please, do not hesitate to contact us: spolek@obziva.cz .